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Recreational Vehicle (RV) camping is all about enjoying the adventure in a comfortable setting. Getting everything packed efficiently with meticulous organization will make your RV vacation much more comfortable. Finding extra space in your indoor RV storage can be hard as maximum space is utilized by your RV in the first place.

Wondering how you can save and upgrade your indoor RV storage space? Use these four quick and easy storage and organization ideas to keep your RV space clutter free.

1. Make Some Room in The Shower Space

While most RVs come equipped with lots of storage solutions, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Get easy to take down suspension rod and install it in the shower to create an extra closet. You can use that extra space for hanging items or doing laundry. Moreover, you can use curtain rings with clips to hang your bath products. Over-the-door shoe storage products also work great in the shower. Installing hooks on the side of the shelves offer the space to hang towels, pot holders, and dishrags.

2. Command Strip Velcro

Use Velcro to keep your remote in place when your RV is in motion. Velcro or command strips made of strong material can support the weight you want it to hold. Command hooks can also help you with any storage problem in your RV. From hanging clothes to utensils and even pictures, they are a great alternative from drilling into your RV.

3. Utilize the Back of Your Cabinet Doors

Cabinet door might not be a good place for heavy storage. You can use it as storage shelves for bathroom supplies, over-the-cabinet-door wastebasket, hair dryer holder, dish cradle for stacking dishes or as a great place for keeping utensils, paper goods, and toiletries safe from germs by installing a container for them. These are some of the best ways to use RV cabinet space that may otherwise be wasted.

4. Keep Your Shelves Secure

Get creative with Velcro, non-slip liners, and plastic baskets to keep your content inside the cupboards secure. Shelve is a perfect space-saving option that provides more room to store your clothing. You can hang foldable shelves from suspension rods for extra storage.

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