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In general, the thought of getting a storage space pops – up when travel plans are brimming in your calendar. There are few other possibilities as well – your leisure purchase of an automobile, a lavish boat or an antique collection that no more fits your home space. Along the line, it may also inspire you to spend on RV Storage Investment in Broomfield, CO.

Have you ever thought, whatever you choose – to buy or to rent, you might not be taking full advantage of the space in your storage unit?

People generally invest in a unit, sometimes to meet an immediate requirement or sometimes for long term storage but their lack of organization and space management turns it into a junkyard.

Getting the full value for money is not just about a good space in pristine location latched with modern security features. Sometimes, it is also about organizing, managing and taking care of the stuff to maximize the space.

Here are the four ways you can nail storage unit organization like a pro.

  1. Make a list of every item in your storage unit. You can take a print – out of storage inventory list from the internet, or you can create your own (print or digital) by categorizing the items kept in the unit. For instance, you can create category furniture, and under it, mention the items that you have kept in unit – sofa, recliner or whatever. Similarly, you can add other categories – electronic equipment, festive decorations, music instruments, spare parts and so on. Don’t forget to add the individual items by name under every category. You can also create a pictorial inventory – by adding the pictures of your items under different categories.
  2. Another great tip is to ditch cardboard boxes for bins. Cardboard boxes are fragile and can’t keep your belongings safe from pests. We know that storage units are well-equipped and pest-free, but why take chances? Instead, buy bins made up of steel, bamboos, recyclable plastic.
  3. The best part of buying furniture you have to assemble on your own is that they take very little space in storage. Simply de-range them, and position in a space-efficient way.
  4. If you have a refrigerator, generator, car or anything that weighs more than any general item, store them away in the last. You do not want to test your muscle strength every time you decide to open the storage unit to reach other items. Also, try to make an arrangement that positions items based on their usability.

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