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As storage condos remain a niche market, its awareness and attraction are rapidly growing among people. The demand for luxury condo storage units is increasing at a fast pace and they are very much in demand!

At Imperial Storage U Own we offer large, secure, enclosed, heated storage condos to keep your cars, motor coach, boats away from the elements or wrath of the HOA. Apart from storing vehicles you can also use them as the warehouse for your small business inventory or equipment. Homeowners can make use of them for a wide range of uses, that include storing equipment, tools and office items. There are restrooms in each storage condo equipped with skylights, LED lighting and nothing out there compares to our quality and value.

If you have any plans to buy a storage condo, you may no longer stay in your new home very long. That’s why there is need to consider the location factor.

If you own a storage condo in a good location, then it is genuinely a solid long-term investment.

Of-course location is an important factor, but do you really know how can a location turn into a good return? Here are a few points to consider:

There are several questions that one must ask to determine the location of a new storage condor or garage condo.

  • How easily can it be accessed from a road or highway?
  • How many residents are located within a five to ten-mile radius?
  • Do customers find a smooth ingress and egress?
  • Are there shops, restaurants and popular places within a short distance?

All these things matter when you want to consider the location of a storage condo. Take for example, if you are a football lover, you would prefer to own a condo near your city’s professional football team ballpark. On the other hand, if someone who doesn’t like football would prefer a location near a lake or their favorite camping site.

In general, if you want to visit and hang out or work at your Storage Condo, location to other services and business matters. At Imperial Storage U Own, you don’t need to go far. There are restaurants and coffee shops nearby, including Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway and much more just 3 blocks away. Need parts for your motor coach? Trans West is one mile away with all the supplies you may need! We are 1/4 mile west of I-25 near Broomfield.