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When you look for a storage space, it’s mandatory to look beyond just the base models. An insulated heated storage sale is an ideal choice for those who need to move or store their personal and/or business belongings. When looking for an insulated heated storage condo for sale, consider the following points:

1. Temperature Matters a Lot: Temperature plays a vital role. At times the temperatures can get a little extreme, especially if you live in the city wherein the winters are freezing, and summers are unbearably hot. And these temperatures simply just do not affect only our personal comfort but even in general, non-sensitive items can get damaged when temperatures either drop or rise. An insulated heated storage condo ensures that your items will be protected from such weather extremes. These units are “temperature controlled “meaning cooled in the summer and heated in the winter with the use of insulated heated storage using R-38 in the ceiling, R-20 walls, R-7.35 garage door, making it stay cool in the summer and uses little energy to stay warm.

2. Humidity also Plays a Role: High humidity levels indicate a greater risk for things like mold, mildew, pests, and rust; all of which can lead to irreversible damage to your belongings. These storage condo units use an insulated heated material to maintain good levels of moisture regardless of the temperature fluctuations.

3. Storage Space for Winters: During cold winter climates, the storage spaces are heated using a 10KW heater with thermostat to help you protect your stored items from the after-effects of coldest temperatures. During cold winters, the temperatures inside the storage space are properly monitored and heated to help preserve your belongings. Keeps you warmer and more comfortable when you visit your storage condo unit.

4. Storage Space for Summers: These storage’s are kept cool with our insulation to keep indoor temperature down and to ensure your valuable items from the effects of extreme heat during hot summer season.

The above factors are helpful if you are looking for a storage condo unit for a “man-cave of your dreams” or simply to store your boats, motor coach, roadsters or RVs. Check out Condo Storage Units for Sale in Broomfield that can fulfill your needs! Our storage units are equipped with lighting, security features, 24/7 access, quick assistance. You can also have the option to customize the space as you want to!