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As winter is here in Colorado, it’s time to put your boat away until the next season. Don’t know about your storage options? While winterizing your boat properly is essential, you can’t ignore the importance of finding the best place to keep your boat during the off-season. With various kinds of boat storage options, it can be difficult yet critical to find the option that works best for you.

Here are some of the most common solutions for boat storage in Denver along with the pros and cons of each one.


Driveway Storage

Most boat owners prefer to store the boat at their home during the winter months to save the maximum dollars.


  • Storing the boat on your property will help reduce overall costs.


  • If your neighborhood convent prohibits outdoor boat storage, you cannot violate the rules even if your driveway or yard is spacious.
  • With outdoor storage, your boat will be constantly exposed to the harsh weather. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the paint on your boat, affect the tires of the boat trailer, and debris stirred around by the wind can chip the paint.
  • Leaving the boat outdoors makes it vulnerable to vandalism and theft.
  • When storing your boat outside in the winter, a boat cover is essential to prevent having the inside of your boat filled with snow.
  • Rodents and insects make a boat stored outside their new homes during the cold weather. Pests can damage your boat, resulting in expensive repairs.


Boat & RV Storage Unit

Many renowned garage storage facilities provide Denver boat storage to accommodate all-size vehicles.


  • You can easily access your boat without using a forklift to pull it down. You must drive up to your storage unit and pull it out.
  • One of the major benefits of using boat and RV storage business for sale is the level of security it provides to help you protect your belongings. Indoor storage units come with advanced security features including video surveillance, gated entry, alarm system, etc.
  • You can reach your boat at any given time while it is stored in the unit. Look for RV storage facilities that offer 24/7 access.


  • Since there are different types and sizes of storage units, their prices may vary depending on what are your requirements.

The best solution to winterize your boat and ensure its safety is by getting a boat storage facility from the reliable storage facilities like Imperial Storage U Own. Contact us to buy our luxury RV storage units at the best competitive prices today!