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Our luxury condo storage units are selling out fast! Apart from storing your vehicles, homeowners use them for a wide range of uses, including to store equipment, tools and office items. However, many owners are converting these luxury condo garage storage units into their personal havens away from home.

Some creative uses include building mini breweries, man-caves, game rooms, bars and luxury lounges.  The possibilities are endless.

However, here are some simple things you can use these storage units for:

1 –  Frees up your living space

As time goes, your home living space gets cluttered with things that you do not use frequently. Buy an equipment storage unit and keep all those things away from your living space. Removal of all the clutter from your home helps you organize things in a better way. Start with making a list of items that you do not need frequently and put them in the storage unit. You will also have easier access to those items whenever you need them.

2 –  Make your dream man cave come true

It’s a man’s dream come true to have a place of his own away from all the worries of family life.  Buying a luxury condo storage which can be transformed into your own haven is a great way to go if your home does not have much extra space.  Imagine having your own wet bar, pool table, comfy couch and tv’s where you can watch your favorite sporting events with your friends. The possibilities are endless! 

3 – Your personal art studio

Do you love to paint? Don’t have space in your home or is your art quickly outgrowing the space you have available in your garage? Owning your personal condo garage storage unit is a perfect place to spread out all your art, store your art and even show it off and have a small studio you can host events! 

4 – Brew your beers

Ever want to brew your own beer?  If so, this is how to do it, in your own brewery heaven where you can even create a small bar and invite all of your friends to come and enjoy your creations.  Imagine the late nights and fun you will have brewing your beer.  Who knows, your creations made in your personal storage unit may become the next most sought after beverage. 

5 – Fun and games!

We all have a child inside of us. Now is the time to buy a luxury garage storage condo.  This can become your own fun space loaded with, ping pong tables, billiards, foosball, pinball machines galore!  Have classic arcade games that you want to keep away from your kids in a safe place?  This is how to do it! With your own personal storage garage! 

If you are a resident of Broomfield or Denver and haven’t considered buying a luxury storage condo unit, start considering it now. Imperial RV Storage U Own is one of the best providers of efficient, customizable storage units for important equipment, vehicles, and your own creativity.  Contact us to come visit our Luxury Condo Garage Units in Broomfield!