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Are storage units secure? One of the primary questions that strike individuals when it comes to placing valuable items in luxury storage units is safety. After all, the items you plan to store may be expensive, useful or have sentimental value. Knowing your belongings are safe from theft and burglary in a storage unit that is secure and accessible will give you peace of mind.

The answer to this question is what the storage facility and you do to make the units secure in the first place. Not all storage facilities are equally safe. Some provide excellent customer service and amenities but lack in security. That’s why it is important to find a condo storage facility that has your best interests in mind and offers state-of-the-art security measures.

If you haven’t purchased a storage unit or don’t know what to look for in secure storage units, here is a list of security features offered by reputable storage facilities that you should consider and not take lightly.

1. Gates Access and Fencing – One of the first things you should notice when visiting a storage facility is if the area has a secured perimeter that will prevent anyone from walking onto the facility uninformed. High-gated fence and electronic-entry gate with unique keypad access are essential security features.

2. Security Lighting – Buy a garage condo unit at a facility that keeps the property well-lit with both interior and exterior lighting. The facility should have sufficient lighting to let you see inside your storage unit and help discourage crime.

3. Video Surveillance – Having security cameras in a variety of locations throughout the property with 24-hour video surveillance to record who comes and goes from the property. It will assure you that your belongings are on watch around-the-clock.

4. Fire Alarms – You don’t want your valuable items to be damaged due to accidents. That’s why it is important that the facility you choose must be well-equipped with fire alarm system and have a fully-protected fire sprinkler system.

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