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Recreational vehicles need standard maintenance like any other car, truck or SUV – and a whole lot more. After all, a RV is not just a vehicle – it can be an office, kitchen, hostel, and much more! It is the place that some people may call home. RV’s average cost has already surpassed the six-figure mark, and in some cases can be more costly than homes. However, if you perform routine maintenance, you can certainly reduce the costly repairs.

The following are three RV maintenance tips that will protect your RV during the summer season.

1. Cover your RVs roof
The first thing that comes to mind when we discuss RV maintenance is the RV roof. They are especially susceptible to sun and other weather-related damage. Certain problems are often created that go unnoticed if we simply don’t maintain them regularly. Out of sight is out of mind, but if things are left unnoticed in the case of your RV, then it can cost you more.

If you want to replace and repair a RV roof it can easily cost you thousands. The best option to avoiding costly roof repairs is to keep your vehicle stored under a RV carport. The steel RV covers can be installed on your property and customized to meet the size of your specific vehicle.

2. Check the generator regularly
If your generator goes unused for a long period of time, it may need to be replaced. Gasoline has a shelf life of approximately 30 days, after which, it starts to break down and may cause damage to the generator’s internal components. To avoid damage, simply keep the gasoline flowing and run your generator two hours a month with around 50% load. This trick keeps the generator primed and ready. However, if you forget to do so, your carburetor may varnish, hence preventing your fuel from effectively powering the generator. There’s no easy way to clean a damaged generator and you may end up having to replace it, which can get very costly.

3. Monitor the windows and doors of your RV for any leakage
A common problem with RV’s is that moisture can leak into the vehicle due to faulty weather shields on the doors and windows. Seals degrade over time and some RV brands simply do not use them. When seals break down, water can penetrate, damaging surfaces and promoting mold. We recommend checking the seals around windows and doors every three months to ensure they are intact.

Summer is the best time to visit your favorite destination, but your RV can get uncomfortably hot if it is left under the scorching sun. We provide the most trusted RV storage facilities in Colorado. Stay informed about our latest updates by following our Facebook & Twitter pages.