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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Imperial Storage located?
In the Glacier Business Park, 1/4 mile West of I-25 on Hwy 52, 7 miles West of Boulder and 12 miles North of Broomfield. Easily found on Google Maps with a physical address, 3550 Imperial St, Frederick, CO 80514.
What services are nearby?
Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway, Trans West RV, Truck & Trailer and gas services are 3 blocks away.
When can I access, and what are the hours of operation?
24/7, 365 days a year.
What are the advantages of owning an Imperial Storage condo?
Besides getting your prized possessions out of the elements, secure heated storage will protect your possessions from oxidation and corrosion.
What are the benefits of owning vs renting a storage unit?
Owning an Imperial Storage Condo is an investment with the ability to build equity, you can customize your space, have future return on investment, and financial control. Some feel renting is throwing money away.
What security features are included?
Comcast video security cameras and monitoring, perimeter fencing, exterior lighting, drive aisles entry and exit gates are monitored.
How wide are the drive aisles?
The drive aisles between buildings are 68 feet. Entrance gate opens to 40 feet.
Is there an owner's association and dues?
Yes. The dues cover the exterior maintenance of the building, general liability insurance, security cameras/monitoring, property management, common area maintenance (landscape & snow) trash removal services.
Can I run a business out of my storage unit?
Your business model must be in agreement with the Owners Association By-Laws and Declarations. Any retail business that has a walk-in customer base is absolutely prohibited. Commercial manufacturing is prohibited.
Who pays Electric?
The electrical is metered separately per unit and United Power will bill each owner monthly.
How many Electrical outlets can I have?
There are 3-outlet and 1-50amp outlet in each storage unit. More can be added to meet your needs, our electrician is available to install what you need at an affordable cost.
Are restrooms available in my garage?
Yes, restrooms are included in each unit.
Are the units tall enough for a Mezzanine?
All storage units are tall enough and Mezzanine ready.
Will there be water spigot in each unit?
Yes. However, owners/tenants are prohibited from watering down floors in their unit.
Will there be a floor drain in each unit?
Yes, but only in the bathrooms. Floor drains in the storage area are prohibited by the sewer district. Water can be squeegeed out the front door of the storage bay area.
Can I have A/C in my unit?
No, but a large ceiling fan can be installed by our electrician.
How are taxes paid?
Individual owners will be responsible to pay property taxes on their unit as identified by the county
How is the property taxed?
The Zoning is Commercial and will be assessed in Weld County as commercial property at the
county tax rate of 29%. Calculation of property taxes are, Actual Value x .29 = Assessed Value which is then multiplied by the
current tax rate or mill levy to determine your yearly taxes due. If you have any questions on how the values are determined,
please contact Weld County Assessor at 970-353-3845.
Who pays for property insurance?
The association will carry an insurance policy to cover the common building elements and common areas shared by all
owners. Individual owners will be responsible to carry an liability insurance policy to cover their own unit, any improvements, and the
What type of construction are the buildings?
Fully engineered Behlen Mfg Steel Building, AC472, ISO 900, with ZL24 Heavy gage Glavalume Standing Seam roof (seamed not screwed) 2-1/2” AWIP Embossed wall panels, R-20 insulation. Interior high density sound partition wall panels between units.
What is included in the purchase price?
Please refer to the standards/upgrades list.
What type of Deed will I receive?
You will receive a Warranty Deed, just like a residential condominium.
Can I live in the unit?
The Zoning is Light Industrial and not for residential use.
Can I live inside my RV in the unit?
No. The Light Industrial zoning is not for residential use.
Can I rent out my storage condo?
Yes, you own it! You will need to inform the Owners Association and have the renter follow the Rules & Regulations.
Can I buy a storage condo with a neighbor or friend?
Yes. Many people like the advantages of co-owning.
Can I grow Marijuana in my unit?
No. This is against OA policy.
What garage door will be in my unit?
Garage doors are 14’ x 14’ and 16′ x 14′ insulated with heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower openers.
Can we put in windows?
Additional windows are not allowed. There are windows above the walk door and in garage doors.
What are the units pre-wired for?
Units are pre-wired by Comcast to support telephone, high-speed internet, TV and Security.
Can I turn off the heat?
Heat cannot be completely turned off.
What insulation values are in the building?
R-30 is in the roof, R-20 AWIP panels on exterior walls. All interior walls are steel lined insulated panel walls between units for sound control.
Is there a Sprinkler system or Fire Suppression system?
Yes! To protect your valuables from a fire disaster there is a code required and monitored Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler system
Can I re-sell my storage condo at Imperial Storage?
Yes! If you suddenly have to move, we will sell or rent your storage condo for you.
Does the Owners Association require I have insurance on my storage condo unit?
Yes, however most homeowner and business policies have extended coverage on your current policy you may already have. Please contact your insurance agent, or you may contact or 303-421-2191, State Farm