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It’s that time of the year when pumpkins pop up on your porches and you start hitting your favorite stores for getting creepy and spooky Halloween costumes, decorations and games to make your surroundings more festive for the occasion. However, with the joy of shopping and collecting your favorite scary items for Halloween celebration comes the need of storing everything in between and for the next year.

Do you have a secure garage or equipment storage in Denver? If you properly store your Halloween items, you don’t have to buy a new one for next year. Getting storage for sale in Boulder, CO for keeping your oddly-shaped Halloween decorations, costumes, and props can prevent you from spending extra money on these items year after year.

Wondering how a storage unit can hold all of your scary holiday decorations and other stuff? Here are some useful storage tips for storing and organizing all those festive items to extend their longevity and declutter your space.

Clean Decorations and Costumes – The cleaning method may vary depending on the type of fabrics and materials used to make clothing, wigs, and masks. The costumes are often made with handmade and store-bought elements that require special care. Unlike other holiday decorative items, Halloween decorations tend to be nastier. That’s why cleaning them is important and difficult. Inflatables tend to collect moisture, so make sure everything is completely dry before storage.

Store Halloween Items – Use bubble wraps and cushioned packaging materials for storing fragile items like lights, ceramic or glass. Halloween accessories like wigs can be stored in sealable plastic bags and items like witches hats or clown shoes can be stuffed with newspapers to help keep their unique shapes. For storing Halloween costumes, zippered plastic bags, pillows, sheets, duvet covers provide a bit more depth.

Organize Halloween Decorations – Once you have cleaned and neatly packed your stored items, buy RV storage condo for sale in Broomfield to properly organize them inside the unit. Maximize your storage space by placing smaller items inside larger ones, and storing them in airtight containers. Label all storage boxes and containers as well as place the heaviest boxes on the bottom of any stack of items. For decorations that need to maintain their shape, hang them using a hook or rack.

Get storage for sale in Boulder, CO from trusted storage facilities like Imperial Storage U Own to ease your Halloween storage and organizing process.