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Your RV is an important investment, both in terms of money and the adventure you expect from it. That is why it is critical to shield it from harmful weather conditions, UV rays, and potential theft. Keeping your RV in a storage unit is the best way to protect your asset.

The right RV solution offers convenience, security, reduced cost of ownership, and ultimate protection of your investment and it improves the quality of your experience while using your RV. When looking into an RV storage unit to purchase for your RV, you must ask a storage facility about security features, accessibility hours, and insurance options.

Prior to that, it is essential to know how to find the right kind of storage unit for your RV. Between your home and various self-storage opportunities, there are numerous options available for storing your RV.

Below we have explained the benefits of each RV storage type to help you find the best that fit your needs.

Garage RV Storage

When it comes to storing recreational vehicles, a standard garage can store trailers and campers that run on the small side. If you need to store a larger RV, storing it at your home may not be a viable option.
Garage RV storage can save your overall costs. It protects your RV from sun damage, snow, hail, and other weather conditions. Indoor RV storage provides a safe and secure environment to your RV for protection against theft and vandalism. Having RV parked in your garage offers convenience to access.

Driveway or Backyard RV Storage

Keeping your RV outdoors within your property is another easy and cost-effective option to protect your RV from harmful elements, you may use accessories like carport or RV cover.
Storing your RV in the backyard or driveway doesn’t cost you anything. You can easily pull off last minute road trips by having your RV in your own premises.

Indoor RV Storage

This type of self-storage unit can be a great option for a small RV, camper or trailer. Indoor RV storage can be the most expensive option. However, it offers maximum protection and saves you money on repairs.

Video security cameras, locked door, fire sprinkler alarm system, and other security systems will protect your RV so that you can have a sound sleep. Indoor RV also helps to resist the damaging effects of weather conditions.

Whether you are looking for garage, driveway or indoor RV storage in Broomfield, count on Imperial Storage U Own. Our RV Storage units are equipped with great amenities and offer 24/7 security and access. Contact us to get the best RV storage for keeping your prized possession.