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Boats are popular recreational vehicles (RV) and are amazing for those who are looking for weekend getaways, fishing, and adventure water sports. However, you’ll probably want to take your valuable watercraft out of the water during the winter months. But, where will you store your boat? Keeping your boat at home can take up a lot of outdoor space and leave it exposed to the elements.

Fortunately, there are many luxury storage facilities that offer boat storage units for sale. Not only are RV storage units inexpensive and secure, but they are also available in different sizes and are equipped with some great features and make a great investment too.

One of the important things every storage unit buyer must consider is how to prepare their boat for storage. Winterization and routine maintenance of your boat are essential to make sure that your boat runs smoothly when it’s time to hit the water again. Here are a few tips to safely store and protect your boat in a storage unit.

  • If you are storing your boat for a longer time in a unit, consider topping your gas tank by using a fuel stabilizer. It is better to change the oil and remove batteries powering electrical equipment inside your boat.
  • Whether you find small cracks or major dents on the boat, all the damages should be repaired before storing your boat in a unit. Any overlooked damage can only worsen over the time. By taking a quick action, you are likely to cut your repair bill costs.
  • Investing in a cover that is specifically designed to fit your boat is a smart step. This enables air to properly circulate which leaves no room for moisture and prevent mildew.
  • If your boat is filled with any organic material or water, make sure to clean your boat. These things can create rot and mold which cause your boat to smell foul and even can lead to significant damages.
  • Before putting your boat in a storage unit, drain the engine of your boat, tighten up any loose parts, keep your propeller shaft lubricated, disconnect the fuel line, add fogging oil to the spark plug cylinders and carburetors, and check for any other mechanical preparations.

Preparing your boat for storage is important to get the watercraft ready for ultimate fun. If you are not using your boat for long periods of time, consider looking for the best storage unit for sale in Denver. Imperial Storage U Own, a leading luxury storage facility that offers highly secure and spacious boat and RV storage units to help you protect your valuable piece of property in the best way possible. Contact us today!