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Recreational vehicles and campers bring fun in traveling for all seasons. Buying these vehicles offers you a home-away-from-home and extends your ability to travel to any location without worrying about weather conditions. Many RV and camper owners spend significant time enjoying great outdoor activities. But after returning from trips, what are your ideal options for protecting your RV or camper to ensure that it is well-prepared for the next adventure?

Amongst the various storage options, indoor RV storage provided by many garage condo storage facilities works best for you. Well-equipped with advanced security features and amenities, these high-quality storage units give your RV absolute protection from all sorts of weather and harmful elements. For additional protection and maintenance of your outdoor vehicle, there are smart storage tips for all seasons that you must consider while keeping your valuable vehicle in the best indoor RV storage unit.

Clean Your RV or Camper Before Storing

Wash the interior and exterior of your RV thoroughly. Keep the awning fabric clean and dry before storing. Moreover, it is important to ensure that your water tanks are clean. Always empty both the freshwater and the wastewater tanks before keeping your RV or camper in an indoor storage unit.

Inspect and Disconnect Electrical Devices

All the electrical devices that could drain the battery including shut-off valves, alarms, TV antenna boosters and other electrical elements inside your RV should be inspected and unplugged properly. Make sure to disconnect the negative cable on your battery.

Cut Off Gas Supplies

Top off or remove propane tanks and keep them cool and dry somewhere. It is essential to completely shut off appliances that use a gas such as water heaters, gas furnaces, stoves, and ovens before storing your vehicle in an RV storage unit.

Regular Maintenance of Engine

When storing for an extended time, make sure to top off your oil, windshield wiper fluid, radiator, and brake fluid. Fill up your gas tank with fuel stabilizer. It will keep moisture from building up in your tank. To ensure proper circulation of stabilizer, turn on the engine for a while.

Take Stock of Tires and Breaks

Always release the parking brake to protect the brakes from fusing with the rotors and chock the wheels from both sides. You may either inflate the tires and cover them properly or move the vehicle periodically to prevent flat spots on the tires.

These tips will help you conveniently store your RV or camper in a storage unit. Want to buy a luxury indoor RV storage in Denver? Visit Imperial Storage U Own today!