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A garage condo is a personal garage, workshop, office, or just a place to get away. It’s your own space that you can customize in whatever way that suits you and your lifestyle. Be it classic, techno, retro, as an urban loft or relaxed and comfy as a mountain cabin. These secure condominium space can be used for cars, boats, RVs and other valuable belongings. The owner’s space is totally personal and can be customized per their needs.

Garage condo storage space is a necessity

It is not simply a utility where people can just store their stuff, but it is more like a lifestyle around what you can store. People really want to have space where they can enjoy their cars. Stand back and work on it a little bit. Tinker with it and showcase it. Just have some good space for it, then relax with a beer.

Owning a garage condo is an appreciating Investment

When you purchase a Garage Condo it is like you are creating an asset for yourself and family. If you own a garage it is more like an investment and the potential to make a profit in the future is advantageous to the buyer, especially in this climate in Colorado.

What is the latest garage condo storage alternative?

  • Customized kitchens, indoor basketball courts, pool hall and arcade, the newest place for luxurious amenities isn’t at home but in your storage unit.
  • Luxurious storage options for everything from our collections to cars, clothing has cropped up across the country.
  • You can customize the complete storage space by adding a basketball court, kitchen and bathrooms and even hangout with your cars.
  • A luxury storage space company can use storage space for precious textiles to store, accessories, bags, off season clothing and designer gowns.
  • Apart from the traditional mini storage facilities, the upscale options are for climate-controlled rooms that can be customized into highly personalized spaces where owners can relax and entertain guests while hanging out with their stuff.
  • Use as a storage space if you are travelling to some other city: If you wish to sell your home and shift to another city, you have the option to get a garage storage condos. If you have a lot of personal stuff that you do not want to sell, and want to keep, like a vintage car, a lifetime of memories, family heirlooms, and just nice stuff. You need a place to house the motor coach when it’s not on the road. A secure storage condo that is large enough is the best alternative to store your motor coach, vintage car, and other personal but valuable items.

Come and check out Imperial Storage U Own that is just off I-25 and Hwy 52 in Frederick. We have several large units, 55ft deep, 18ft tall, 14ft tall garage doors, heated with a 10KW heater, skylights, comcast wired to each unit, and a bathroom in every unit. Be sure to hurry while we still have units available…they are going fast! Contact us today.