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Storage Condo is a premier, privately owned space that is built just to satisfy your current and future needs. You can store business inventory, tools and equipment, motor coaches, water craft, snowmobiles, campers or even collector automobiles. You can store every item that you have stored in your garage that forces you to park outside under winter conditions. Such units are most suitable for those who live in controlled communities that prevent outside storage of items mentioned as above.

Storage Condo is an exclusive concept to store your valuables and is very similar to a condominium that you purchase to live in. This is a real estate investment done for your personal use to fulfill the needs of many of us who possess more toys that can fit in our homes and garages.

Take Advantage of Amenities, All within Your Reach

The storage condo unit has its own amenities that can be enjoyed at any time. The storage condos are secure under 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure the safety of your valuables. They are structured as a condominium property with each of its 34 units on the property which can be owned individually. Each unit has 16 ft. stackable height inside with 14 ft. clear overhead doors. The storage condos also comes with electricity, heat, fire alarm and sprinkler protection. The units have also been wired for telephone, high speed data and cable. And all units have a restroom. One can have easy access to their storage condo for anything they desire.

Provides Flexibility & Ease of Use

The biggest benefit of storage condos is that you are free to store whatever you want, there is no restriction on how long you decide to store it. People who are always on the move, do not actually want to move with their possessions frequently so keeping in storage can be a great benefit. As an owner you can use it as a home away from home, or even choose to use it as a workplace where you store your large items.

It does not matter what your hobbies are, these Storage Condos at Imperial RV Storage U own will surely allow you to own the space and freely enjoy your hobbies.