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When you purchase a luxury condo unit for yourself you are creating an asset. Purchasing a luxury condo is itself an investment. Your payments are quite predictable, and you have the potential to make a profit in the future, which is ultimately beneficial to you.

When you own a luxury condo unit, you have the liberty to customize it and make it suitable for your personal style. With this ability, you can turn an empty luxury storage unit into a man cave, a mezzanine, a home theater or any type of relaxation spot. It gives you a way to reflect your style, add comfort, entertain, or properly store your vehicles, RVs, and other items.

The reasons for buying a luxury condo unit are as follows:

1. It’s a valuable investment
Garage condos are real assets that have a history of appreciating over time. Storage condominiums will save you money in the long run. If you own a place to store your possessions, no matter where you live, it is an ideal option for most people. Storage condominiums are in high demand, allowing owners to capture a full return on investment and more.

2. Flexibility
You can freely build out your space however you envision it. Owners commonly outfit their units with car lifts, mezzanines, TV’s, work stations, cabinetry, and more. One of the most obvious reasons to choose a luxury storage condo is people can store what they want to, however long they want to store it, or use it in whatever manner benefits them.

3. Security
Do you feel secure enough? After investing in high-end collector’s items like cars, boats, or RVs, you need to ensure they are being stored to your exact specifications. Storage condos are under 24/7 security camera surveillance that ensures your valuables are safe from theft. Owning a luxury condo unit gives you the ability to store your collectables at a specific temperature, with top-of-the-line security. When you own a luxury condo, you call the shots to provide the ultimate protection and care for your passion.

4. Amenities at the storage facility
Owning a condominium storage facility gives you peace of mind. All units have electricity, heat and even a fire alarm and sprinkler protection. They are tall, spacious, and offer secure storage that can be individually owned. Storage condos also come with large 14’ x 14’ high commercial grade insulated overhead doors.

Luxury condo units provide an ideal space for limited small business use to warehouse your inventory or equipment. There are restrooms in each storage condo, skylights, and LED lighting. Simple nothing compares to the value of Imperial Storage U Own storage units!