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Renting or buying an RV garage storage is a great personal investment. An RV storage investment helps keep your gorgeous vehicle(s) out of the winter weather and protects them from serious damage. However, it is also important to take steps to prepare your RV properly when storing it during the winter. This way, you can get it out in the summer and enjoy it without taking having to deal with unnecessary issues.

Take It For A Test Drive

Before parking your vehicle in an RV warehouse for the winter, take it for one last 10-15 minute drive. During this trip, make sure to pay attention to the way it drives. Is it tough to handle? Are there any braking issues? What about strange sounds in the engine? If you notice any of these problems, take it to a mechanic before storing it to get it checked out.

Start With Winterizing

The first step is to take your vehicle to an RV warehouse and winterize it properly. This act includes removing all of the fluids, replacing them properly, checking your tire pressure, and covering it up with a tarp. Winterizing a vehicle should take no more than a few hours, but it ensures that your RV storage investment is not a bust by keeping it safe from harm.

Remove All The Food

While your RV is parked in its storage center during the winter, rats and mice will be searching for a warm place to live. If they detect or smell food in your vehicle, they will do what they can to get inside of it. One thing to look for when considering a Boulder RV storage condo for sale is a strong exterior build that will resist the prying teeth of these creatures.

Unplug All Appliances

Whatever appliances you have in your RV, they need to be unplugged and turned off. Make sure to de-ice your fridge and check everything carefully. A good RV storage investment should keep it safe from wear and other types of weathering damage. However, it is still a good idea to inspect the appliance outlets on the exterior of your RV before and after storage to ensure it stays in the same shape. Cover the vents to keep out wasps and other insects looking for warmth.

Replace Dry Cell Batteries

One of the last steps to take before storing your RV in a warehouse is removing all dry cell batteries. Devices like clocks, flashlights, and remote controls will sit around and get cold during the winter. Batteries can expand and even explode in extreme cold. Store these batteries in a warm area during the winter and put them back in when it is time to take your RV back out on the road. If you have a temperature controlled storage unit, then you don’t have to worry about exploding items.

Bringing It All Together

These simple RV storage tips provide a guideline in what to think about, because sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest damage.  aren’t too difficult to handle.

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