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When it comes to off-roading, Denver is the perfect spot for different fun outdoor activities. Whether you want to ride on your dirt bike or ATV, you will find enough wide-open spaces to explore through the mountains or even sandy dunes. When not in use, these four-wheelers must be placed in the storage units. These units allow you to keep your all-terrain vehicle safe from winter weather.

However, storing an ATV or dirt bike does not mean simply shutting and locking it in a storage unit when you are done using it. First you should find an ATV storage facility that makes storing it an easy task and then needs perform ATV maintenance for long-term storage. If you are planning to keep your ATV and dirt bikes in a storage unit, you must follow these essential tips to keep them intact.

  • Drain the Vehicle Oil – Fuel or gas contaminates over time which can cause some serious damage to your vehicle. It is important to either drain the oil or add a fuel stabilizer to it before storing. With consistent oil changes, you can avoid expensive repairs of your vehicle and increase its durability.
  • Clean the Battery or Remove it – If left idle for too long, the battery will get drained. So clean the terminals with water and baking soda to prevent a battery from corrosion and charge it before storing. You may also remove a battery from the vehicle during the off-season and keep it in a warm and dry place.
  • Clean the Gas Tank of ATV – Fill up the tank of your dirt bike or ATV with a gas. Any empty space or void in your gas tank may create moisture which can eventually lead to developing rust. Once your tank is full of gas, add a fuel stabilizer to further avoid clumps in your injectors and lines.
  • Wash and Lubricate Your ATV – While riding your four-wheelers in an open desert, your vehicles are more likely to be covered with dirt. If not washed thoroughly, your vehicles may develop internal damages. So lubricate your ATV and dirt bike and then dry it to prevent rust development.
  • Use an ATV Stand and Inflate Tires – During the winter season, air pressure in the tires decreases which can make them disfigured. Add maximum pressure to the tires and remove it from your vehicle. Secure your ATV with jack stands.

Follow these useful tips for long-term ATV storage and if you are looking for the best ATV Storage facility in Denver, count on Imperial Storage U Own. We offer highly secured luxury condo storage units to help keep your ATV and other outdoor toys ready to go for the next season. Contact us to get the best ATV storage unit today!