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Do you have an RV (recreational vehicles) at your home? Are you planning to buy a boat in time for the summer? Do you wonder where you will find a place to store or park these vehicles? RV storage provides you the best solution for this situation. RV Storage space and facilities will keep your belongings in perfect shape.

They are starting to pop-up everywhere, but keep in mind they are not created equal. They are called Condo Storage Units. At Imperial Storage U Own, these are super insulated with R-38 in the ceiling, R-20 walls, R-7.35 garage door. They stay cool in the summer and use little energy to stay warm in the winter. These storage facilities not only offer solutions for storing general items but also an affordable and secured way of keeping boats, motor coach, roadsters, RV’s safe and secure when not in use.

The latest Condo Storage options for boats and RV’s available in the market make it imperative for owners to look for the storage solutions that cater to your needs. They come in innovative designs so you’ll need to study the current trends in RV and boat storage options.

The top four latest RV & boat storage trends are below:

1. Canopies

Although they have been around for a long time, canopies have become popular as they can protect your trailers and boats from rain and sun. The weather protection canopies can be used to store RV’s and boats without putting a huge dent in your pocket. However, they can not keep your vehicles completely insulated from extreme weather conditions. Canopies can shelter them from direct exposure to weathering.

2. Dry-Stack Storage

This is a new trend adopted in boat storage. Here, a dry-stack storage is used to leave your boat in the hands of boat stacking services. It makes use of a special equipment, that helps to stack boats on heavy-duty metal racks and keep them in a safe, dry area. These services can also save your boats from sun and water at the same time. But due to their limited availability and cost it makes accessibility an issue.

3. Enclosed Condo Storage Units

Fully enclosed RV / boat storage is a trend that is here to stay. These condo storage units are designed and built keeping in mind the discriminating tastes of RV and boat owners. This product caters to the high-end Class A RV’s and boats and attracts a sensible owner. They are also an excellent long-term investment.

Some of the features include:

  • Fully Engineered Behlen Mfg Steel Building, AC474, ISO 900
  • Roof/Snow Design Loads 44 PSF, Wind Design Load 115 MPH
  • 2-1/2” AWIP Embossed Exterior Wall Panels, R-20 Insulation
  • ZL 24 Heavy Gage Galvalume* Standing Seam Roof
  • High Density Sound Partition Wall Panels
  • 16’ – 18’ high ceilings mezzanine ready
  • 5” Concrete Floors with ½” Rebar
  • R-30 Roof Cavity Insulation
  • Large 14’ x 14’ high commercial grade insulated overhead doors.
  • Heavy duty automatic garage door opener with remote and exterior keypad

Storage condo units are an exclusive concept to store your valuables and is very similar to a condominium that you purchase to live in. This is a real estate investment done for your personal use to fulfill the needs of many of us who possess more toys that can fit in our homes and garages. It provides all the amenities that are required for an upscale boat and RV storage center. Storage condo units often provide a selection of larger units with more attractive services and aesthetics. Mostly the condo type facilities offer customizable units (with mezzanine structure), a clubhouse, insulated environments.

Storage condo units might sound at times an arduous endeavor, but it has proven to be profitable in some markets, and worth considering. Among the latest trends for RV and boat storage, Imperial Storage Units clearly take the prize. We provide the most trusted boat and RV storage facilities in Colorado. Stay informed about our latest updates by following our Facebook & Twitter pages. Or give us a call and ask us about our latest offers and availability. They are going fast!